About Us

It is Kingfisher's Mission to provide and supply its clients with the best marine equipment in the industry with emphasis on quality, durability and on time delivery. We at Kingfisher will simplify and increase the effectiveness of customers purchasing process by keeping our close watchful eyes and listening ears to understand, comprehend and anticipate clients’ needs. Based on the client requirements, Kingfisher will source out the best possible product or service whilst insuring an on time delivery.



Kingfisher promotes a team oriented working environment. Each one of us expresses a high level of professionalism in his or her own field. Kingfisher Management is able to distinguish talented and prolific team members and accordingly credit and reward them.


Kingfisher recognizes suppliers, clients and employees as business partners in which all of them play a role in the success of kingfisher. Our clients’ requirements in addition to our mission, vision and values are echoed to our suppliers and employees in order to reiterate our commitment.


Kingfisher will provide its shareholders a constant and growing return on investment to equip our organization the capability of innovation, development and continuity of our organization.