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Each product manufacturer is always faced with the challenging question of how to earn more market share outside their home country.  Some spend several years and huge amount of money on marketing, promoting, traveling and holding several meetings with no breakthrough in desired market. If you are a manufacturer/supplier who has been in this process before then you can relate to what I mentioned.

Another solution that companies consider is to appoint a distributor or agent, which always seems to be an effective solution.  The joint venture makes use of the manufacturer experience, capability and technical knowledge, the agent/distributor will utilize his local presence that has been accumulated over the years gaining a network of relations, customers, project references and regional infrastructure. However, the important decision is which distributor or agent to appoint. If you sign distribution rights with the wrong company then again you go back to square one of spent time and resources but with no results. On the contrary if you sign with the right distributor you will shortcut several years and budgets of promoting, marketing, establishing customer base and infrastructure.

We consider our suppliers/ manufacturers relation to be one of the most important assets in the company. Therefore we aim to establish a successful business relation for the benefit of our supplier/manufacturer, clients and our business. Before entering an agreement with supplier/ manufacturer, we assess if the venture will provide a fruitful result by studying several factors.  Then as per our market knowledge and product understanding we establish our market share expectation in the region. Further when agreed to enter a joint venture with the supplier/manufacturer, we then strive to achieve a rewarding market share utilizing our established network of customers, our industry knowledge and infrastructure strengthening what we are confident to be a long term relation with our manufacturers.

If you are interested in increasing your market share in our region we would be happy to take this opportunity forward. 

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