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Fire Detection & Alarm System

Kingfisher Equipment Trading provides innovative control panels and detection devices that associate automatic and manual programming, system status monitoring, and other advances for detection. The fire detection & alarm system of Kingfisher is distinguished for its easy maintenance and durability.



The alarm and fire detection system consists of fire detectors, control panel, manual call point, repeater and alarm device. Upon the break of fire, fire alarms can be triggered by smoke detectors, heat detectors, or manually. Fire alarm system shall send relevant signals to alarm monitoring, alarm device and VDR with audible and visible alarm.



Kingfisher Equipment Trading presents fire alarm system in three main categories:




Conventional systems are cost effective systems that are suitable for small areas. Conventional systems are set with a certain number of zones that are fixed to the control panel. Smoke detectors must function on a separate zone from pull stations. There could be many detectors in a single zone, and if one detector is faulty the crew are assigned with finding it.




Addressable systems offer benefits in speed of detection, identification of the location of a fire and easy maintenance. It enables each initiating device to a distinctive address or zone identifier. If a detector is faulty, the crew can know exactly which device is faulty, and it can identify the exact location of the fire. The addressable devices all connect to a single loop that runs through the zones.


High Sensitivity Smoke detection Systems


High sensitivity smoke detection systems are designed to detect fire at a very early stage, even before smoke is visible to people. It is ideal for critical facilities such as data centers. These smoke detection systems function by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion by air sampling.

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