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Deck Machinery

Kingfisher is a leader in the design and supply of all types of Deck machinery for marine and offshore applications. Our expertise and resources are also applicable for custom designed deck machinery in order to meet the safe and stringent requirements on the specialized vessels.  

A.H.T. Winch 280 kW


Drum upper: suitable for 800m wire 62 mm

Drum lower: suitable for 400m wire 62 mm

Spooling device, Hydr.drum clutch

Pull 1200 kN Double speed

Brake 2500 kN

Touch screen control –PLC- tension control

Tagger Winch 40 kW


Drum suitable for 800m wire 22 mm

Mech.drum clutch

Pull 300 kN Double speed

Brake 300 kN

Worping head 60 kN


Cable Winch 15 kW


Drum suitable for 400m wire 20 mm

Mech.drum clutch

Pull 35 kN Variable speed

Brake 220 kN

Spare Rope Winch 2.2 kW


Drum suitable for 200m Rope 72 mm

Pull 20 kN Double speed

Brake 22 kN


Rope Reel Winch 20 kW


Drum suitable for 1000m wire 62 mm

Hydr.drum clutch

Pull 45 kN?Brake 45 kN (bend)?

Brake 40 kN (negative)