Our Services

  • Design

    Ensuring that your system is in line with the latest codes, regulations and surveyor requirements, Kingfisher provides a complete system design dependent upon the products specific requirements. During the design phase, we take into consideration other services available on the ship, tug or platform to allow smooth coordination between our supplied system and other services found on site. Kingfisher is connected with all the major surveyors in the industry, which ensures we are up to date with all the latest regulation updates.

  • Installation

    As part of our customer oriented culture, Kingfisher is equipped to carry out the work from A to Z. Kingfisher holds a team of technicians and engineers who ensure all projects meet the required quality and standards.

  • Coordination

    At the time of tender, design, installation and commissioning, it is vital that our systems must be harmonized and in sync with the various design factors and services provided. For example, we require our system to satisfy the purchase and engineering department. Pipes, electrical cables and installation equipment must run smoothly with all other systems, this requires co-ordination and effective communication to ensure that there is no confusion between the relevant departments. Kingfisher coordinates with all the required parties from the time of tender right through to the completion stage and handover.

  • Testing and commissioning
    Testing and commissioning

    On completion of product installation, Kingfisher carries out testing and commissioning work in front of the client, surveyor and relevant parties to ensure that the system installed achieves its purpose. Our experienced technicians and engineers are proud of their numerous projects and always ensure a successful delivery.

  • Maintenance & servicing
    Maintenance & servicing

    Effective periodic maintenance must take place to ensure the healthy function of products for several years. Kingfisher’s technicians and engineers are trained to provide precautionary maintenance for the systems, and to inspect or replace any wear and tear in items in order to prevent major breakdowns.

  • After sales support
    After sales support

    All Kingfisher products provide you with the local support required. If replacement or rectification is required during the warranty period, Kingfisher has the resources to respond to it immediately. Our after sales team focus on ensuring that all our service offered meet and in some cases exceeded client expectations.  Kingfisher reviews customer feed on a regular basis.